Topic: [Chrome] Automatically view Youtube videos into fullscreen.

Here is a small tip to simply use Advanced Launcher to view Youtube videos automatically into fullscreen using Google Chrome browser. To automatically start Google Chrome into fullscreen mode we will use the --kiosk command line parameter like this :

chrome.exe --kiosk ""

Next, to automatically start a Youtube video into fullscreen we will use the watch_popup URL argument of youtube. For example if your youtube video URL is :

The corresponding URL to open this video into fullscreen will be :

Starting from here, you could use Advanced Launcher as described into the WIKI page ( … er#Windows) to use Google Chrome as an HTML files launcher. Content of the HTML files will contain the youtube video popup URL, like this :

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=">

Then All the HTML will be put into the same folder, and the Advanced Launcher's  Google Chrome files launcher will be configured like this :



Where USER is the name of the windows user.


--kiosk "%rom%"

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